The Careful Ones are a relatively new indie/folk band from Lakeland Florida that has been attracting attention with their soulful melodies and ambient tones. The music is driven by acoustic guitars, heavy vocal harmonies, and light percussion (guitar slapping, stomping, heavy strumming, occasional bass hits).

The lyrics are introspective and presented in a voice that’s somewhere between Bahamas and Sleeping At Last. Their debut Moths, Flames, Etc. is a lonesome collection of well written songs, with each instrument focusing on what’s best for the music rather than how they can show off. Vocal parts fall to a hum during intimate guitar melodies, sitting atop pulsing bass hits that beat inside your chest and tug at your heart strings. The careful ones are a force to be reckoned with because they have learned how to capture mood, and feeling, through their music. From their down tempos and repetitive chorus lines to their employ of orchestral strings they just seem like they really get it.

The album is not for car rides or exciting beach vacations though, it’s really relaxed and mellow. It’s a much better soundtrack for a quiet evening than a sword fight.

Watch for the bands new release, due out in Spring of 2012, HERE.

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