Ethereal Canadian duo Snowblink have created two deliciously slow tracks in ‘Ambergris’ and ‘The Tired Bees’. Both of these endearing folk-pop gems are ideal for whiling away those lazy afternoons spent with loved ones, yet never become twee enough to grate. Singer Daniela Gesundheit furnishes the twinkly percussion-filled ‘Ambergris’ with tender vocals reminiscent of both Laura Marling and Feist. ‘The Tired Bees’ follows in much the same (but still wonderful) vein, with forlorn strings and lovely backing vocals from Dan Goldman added to this already charming mix.

Full of love and beauty yet with an underlying sadness, Snowblink, like fellow duo Beach House, are masterful in the art of writing feather-light songs that captivate the listener’s heart. Expect great things from them in 2011. ‘Ambergris’ and ‘The Tired Bees’ are featured on the album ‘Long Live’, out on Fire Records.

Snowblink – Ambergris

’Snowblink – Ambergris’

Snowblink – The Tired Bees

’Snowblink – The Tired Bees’
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