What’s the problem with listening to Coldplay or the Fray? Well besides personal qualms you may have with their music, the simple fact is that it’s everywhere, and ad naseum. I think I’ve even heard How to Save a Life at a hospital once. Which I have to admit was fitting.

There’s one outstanding male vocalist that the record labels and agents haven’t ruined, named Andrew Belle. This Chicago based musician has been gaining attention, and it’s not hard to see why. A soothing voice, a deep understanding of multiple instruments, and well-crafted lyrics are more than enough to keep you listening. And coincidentally, you’re going to start right now.

Static Waves, which features Colorado vocalist Katie Herzig, weaves together beautiful harmonies around woodwind instruments. Take notice to the banjo blended with the acoustic guitar work. It’s unexpected, but adds a delicate layer that really gives the song a lot of depth.

Oh My Stars is another solid piece of work. It lazily opens up with banjo picking, acoustic guitar, and piano. Andrews voice compliments everything as another instrument in the song. A word of warning – ladies – grab the Kleenex. These lyrics are more than enough to get the floodgates going

Andrew Belle – Static Waves


Andrew Belle – Oh My Stars
’06 Oh My Stars.mp3′
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