MERRY CHRISTMAS! I got to come clean and say I have a little bit too much alcohol in my body thanks to all the delicious wine in the house but I could not help but to sneaky one post before the day is over. I guess ill fix any errors the spell checker does not catch in the morning lol .. I’ve kind of become a professional at drunk typing!

A delightful piece from German singer/songwriter Benno Herz and his band. Although for such a cheerful song the video comes off a bit creepy, still this acoustically driven song makes up for it with its charm and energy. After being in a couple unsuccessful bands, Bruno Herz decided to take matters into his own hands and record his debut album “The Right To Be Weak” ENTIRELY from home! It is incredible, really, the amazing sound/production of the album as all notes and vocals are crisp, clear and completely soothing. Not to mention, calm yet powerful vocals that paired with the guitar’s soft melodies creates a steady harmonic road that takes you back to a warmer place. Not sure if it is because of Christmas but they are giving away this track for free on his website

Benno Herz – The Sound

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