Got to love those days when you stumble upon a new artist or group who just captures your ears and heart with their musical beauty.
I discovered the band Johnnyswim today, a duo from LA made up of Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez. The two began working together back in 2006 and found they had a passion for the same folk, soul and rock music. And when they put their vocals and instrumentals together, the heavenly Johnnyswim was born. Even more sweet, the two are also a couple. That may add to the melodies and addiction in their music.
They released a beautiful 5 track EP called “Home” a few months back full of songs of adoration, hope and overall, love. The first song, “Heart Beats” is a vivid song, with strong guitar playing and strong vocals from Amanda. The song tells the story of how strong a heart beat is, that the bumping in one’s chest brings back the memories that one tries to push down and forget. But we all know, a heartbeat won’t ever let you forget. My favorite song on this is “Paris in June”, perfect for this lovely summer month. It is a delicate song, again with peaceful guitar melodies and vocals by Abner, intertwined with the beautiful voice of Amanda. Favorite line: “A penny for your thoughts and a rose for your past.” The other three songs are just as light and airy, and there are some other languages strewn in the soulful pieces. These two artists have a gift and an ear for music and we can’t wait to hear more.

’Johnnyswim – HEART BEATS’
’Johnnyswim – PARIS IN JUNE’
’Johnnyswim – ADELINA’
’Johnnyswim – HOME’
’Johnnyswim – ANNIE’
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