Do not want to overwhelm people with so much Drum&Bass but quite honestly we cant help it. Genres come and go in cycles and there is a huge movement right now its resurgence. Darren Ross, better known on soundcloud as Forekast, is a 22 year old Pennsylvanian based producer/sound engineer out to push the limits of this musical taxonomy. Aggressively fusing some of the deepest and nastiest basslines we have come across, he has dominated the popular soundcloud charts with every track from his FREE EP released titled Abduction Theories. You can download the entire album here

We want you to hear his music, but we caution you to have a spare subwoofer before you hit play.

’Forekast – Brainstorm (Original Mix)’

’Forekast – Brainstorm (Original Mix) ‘
’Forekast – Scrape and Destroy (Original Mix) — FREE DOWNLOAD’
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