Well my week has been made, thank you GRiZ. This releases is a mix of everything both new and some of his instant classics. Some of the older work consists of “Better Then I’ve Ever Been”, “Where Is The Love?”, “Rock N Roll”, “Live On Arrival”, “The Future Is Now”, and his most recent “Smash The Funk”.

The intro song “Too Young For Tradegy” sets the tone for the funk infused dub ride, starting off slow with a mellow beginning only to transform into a hard hitting Dubstep masterpiece. “Blastaa” is another high energy funky thrill ride with more squealing wobbles and synths mixed with his impecable sampling. “Mr. B” features a collab with Dominic Lalli from Big Gigantic, using his sexy sax to make this one a very unique track. “Fall In Love Too Fast” brings an old school soul vibe featuring MuzzY AKA Dan Hacker on the guitar. “Wonder Why” starts off with a low key soul/funk intro then continues with some glitchy wobbles sprinkled at all the right times. Last we got “See You Again” which is probably the most diverse track on here featuring some sexy breaks and crunchy wobbles, with the added guitar from MuzzY. Enjoy this entire album for free by clicking HERE. Cheers.

To see what GRiZ had to say about this incredible album and the love he put into it click here, and read the description.

’GRiZ – Too Young For Tragedy’
’GRiZ – Smash The Funk’
’GRiZ – Rock N Roll’
’GRiZ – Blastaa’
’GRiZ – Live On Arrival’
’GRiZ – Where Is The Love?’
’GRiZ – Mr. B (feat. Dominic Lalli)’
’GRiZ – Fall In Love Too Fast’
’GRiZ – Better Than Ive Ever Been’
’GRiZ – Wonder Why’
’GRiZ – See You Again’
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