UPDATED: Exclusive track ‘In The Sky’ added!

You may not of heard of Pyramid, so let me change that for you! Hailing from Lyon, France – the young producer had a Hype Machine #1 with this gorgeus remix of Daft Punk‘s which you need to listen to!

Daft Punk – Something About Us (Pyramid Remix)

’Daft Punk – Something About Us (Pyramid Remix)’

You like it? YUUUS! Well it get’s better – he recently pushed out his new EP ‘Hall on Monsieur Adi’s new label Technofavrik, and it’s available right now on iTunesJuno. The EP as a whole is simply brilliant and feels so lovingly put together. It holds that classic french electro sound and is really able to take you on a different journey with each track. I’m not the only fan though – Ed Banger label owner (and all round GOD) Busy P is also a fan after featuring the first track off Pyramids EP on his chart.

He’s sent us the track ‘Solar’ from his EP to put on the site so you can pop it straight in your iTunes. Enjoy

Pyramid – Solar

’Pyramid – Solar’

UPDATE: He also sent us a new exclusive track called ‘In The Sky’ which he finished off yesterday!

Pyramid – In The Sky

’Pyramid – In The Sky’

After listening to the whole EP [at the bottom of this post] it I HAD to know more, so I caught up with Pyramid and asked him a few questions:

What track/artist are you loving right now?

For months I’ve been in love with Pilotpriest‘s tracks, this guy is really huge, he deserves real success, some epic sounds and emotions in these tracks that I can’t really describe! [We can confirm that Pilopriest is bloody awesome!]
If I had to name a track I’m listening a lot these days, Das PopThe Game, ’cause it has a real amount of energy in it that I like!

Your on Monsieur Adi‘s label – how did that happen?

I am, that’s right, it’s a funny story because I own a blog about music (You Are Here) and I asked him for an interview ’cause I love his tracks. I asked him for some advice about my tracks… he apparently liked them and then we spoke for a long time as friends. Now, he’s released me on his label (thank you again!) and we will probably work together for some stuff later which I’m really really excited about!

What do you want to achieve in 2011?

Sensitive question! I did my first DJ set few weeks ago which I really liked, but I’m a pretty shy guy. I’m always afraid of playing in front of people, so hopefully I’ll be able to do more dates but I might be afraid of that! I think my first goal for 2011 is to see how my EP will work, finish my communications certificate and continue in communications next year, and then, let’s hope another EP and some remixes requests!

Who would you most like to work with on a future record?

So many people … first, like I said, I’d love to work with Pilotpriest ! Then, I always have been a huge fan of Justice, Moby, Roÿksopp, later (actually, I really got interested in their work last year) Daft PunkAir, Hans Zimmer or still Rone (last signature of Agoria’s InFine label, huge fan of him), all these guys are huge for me !


Wow. What a dude. What legend. Enjoy the EP – Please do buy it, and show some love on Pyramids Facebook Page

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