The winter blues are setting in, and AudioDax have returned just in time to drag us all from their clutches. “Make Noise” pulls the carpet firmly from under Owl City’s feet, unleashing the same feel-good factor but teamed with lyrical smarts of the rapping variety. Or to be paraphrase, if listening to Owl City was cool.

Thomas Balcom (Temble) and Matt Rivera (Krypton Flo) met at Indiana’s DePauw University, garnering major label praise for the radio-friendly “Matter Of Time”. They know their market, and are releasing this exclusive track off the back of mixtape The Annexation and the consequent college tour.

It’s miles away from their days of rapping over popular samples, with crisp production and fluent verses: “Please say a prayer for the dearly departed/if you’re in the line of fire/then you’re probably a target.”

Beyond that, it’s refreshing to see a band with the primary goal of spreading positivity. With that cleared up, we’re all young, dumb and ready for fun…

AudioDax – Make Noise

’01 Make Noise.mp3′
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