Although he was too late to submit to the official Redbull remix competition, Berlin based dubstep producer WhiteNoise is back with an epic remix of AwolNation’s acclaimed track “Sail”. This sweeping track gained a great deal of popularity when the professional base jumper Jeb Corliss used it in one of his videos and it has been on the rise ever since. “Sail” takes the listener on a journey into space with its moon landing samples, violin chord progressions and screamo vocal swells. WhiteNoise did a great job of maintaining and building on the raw emotional energy of the original track while taking it into new spaced out dimensions. When the grimy bass line and swinging drum rhythms finally drop the listener is swept up, sailing away into dubstep heaven if only for a moment.

AwolNation – Sail (WhiteNoise Remix)

’AwolNation – Sail (WhiteNoise Remix)’
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