Balmorhea (pronounced bal-more-ay) is a delightful classical/instrumental band from Austin, Texas. Big plans for 2010 as they ‘will embark on a tour in support of the group’s forthcoming album, Constellations, a solemn meditation on the mystical and metaphysical, which Western Vinyl will release on February 23, 2010’

Bowsprit is a much delicate piece that showcases their minimalistic progressive tendencies and provides a glimpse to what is to come in Constellations.

‘The disarming simplicity of the tracks on Constellations proves that Balmorhea doesn’t need dense arrangements full of 180 degree turns to craft deeply affecting compositions. More than just self-imposed limitation, the scale of this collection of songs introduces a sense of intimacy and perspective through their skillful use of space and restraint.’

Balmorhea was one of the first bands The Music Ninja wrote about back in the day and we literally cannot wait to hear the sweet compositions of core duo Rob Lowe and Michael Muller.

Balmorhea -Bowsprit

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