New Clockwork, you say? A couple days ago, New York-based up-and-comer Henry Steinway, or Clockwork as he is better known, dropped his anticipated Titan EP on Mad Decent Records. For lack of better a description, here’s one, encapsulating word for that release: Quality. Just quality, my friends.

Being the forefront track of an EP is a big responsibility, but as the name implies, “Titan” is one colossal of a Clockwork creation. Venturing into the land of dirty dutch, the track will have you bleepity bloppin’ all over the dance floor with its high-pitched synths, its catchy, simplistic melody, and bangin’, hard-hitting Clockwork-style bass. Ba da ba da badabada, ba da ba da badew…

Track numero dos on the EP is “BBBS” or “Big Bad Bassline Song”! By the beard of Zeus, this track is huge… Not even 30 seconds in, we are confronted by a gritty, underlying bassline that soon leads into a refreshingly exotic, tribal-infused melody. Hold it together a little while longer, and the track drops hard into a body-rocking, bass-fueled production that will no doubt have you flailing your body in all sorts of questionable ways.

Clockwork’s Titan EP is out now on Mad Decent, and is available for digital purchase on both Beatport and Itunes. Please show the man some love – he dun’ gone deserves it.

’Titan (Original Mix) – Clockwork’
’BBBS (Original Mix) – Clockwork’
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