Neon Gold records the same people that brought you Passion Pit, Marina & the Diamonds, Ellie Goulding and The Sound of Arrows have just recently signed the awfully named project by Crhis Glover called Penguin Prison. But dont let the name fool you because his electropop tunes are bound to consume you.

Neon Gold revieled one of Penguin songs “Animal Animal” back in September and are now giving us another sneak peek at his 80’s style pop driven single “A Funny Thing” before it drops on November 23rd.

Penguin Prison – A Funny Thing

’02 A Funny Thing.mp3′

Penguin Prison – Animal Animal


Bonus Remix: Penguin Prison – Animal Animal (The Sound Of Arrows Remix)

’Penguin Prison – Animal Animal (The Sound Of Arrows Remix).mp3′

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