Is there a better feeling than finding a talented new band? Not for me. Every so often music fans come across a young band that is far from amateur. They dazzle you from the start and make you wonder how they are not bigger. This is how I feel about a fantastic band from Buffalo, NY called The Tins. It with great excitement that I introduce these guys to you.

Our friend Will from the music blog We All Want Someone was kind enough to introduce us to this amazing soft indie rock band from NY called The Tins.

The Tins are about to release their self titled debut EP in the next couple of weeks and without a doubt one of the most impressive songs in this 5-track collection is “The Green Room”. A melodically rich song full of harmonious pop elements. It is really hard to call anything EPIC these days as saying so is sooo last century.. but I am going to have to agree with Will when describing the song, “It is a 7 minute epic that is finely constructed featuring great bridge transitions, hooks, and tight instrumentation.”

Give them a try and if you are like me, you will be consumed by their genuine indie pop/rock sound.

The Tins – The Green Room

’The Tins – The Green Room’
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