I do not like mainstream pop music, nor am I that much of a Lady Gaga fan. Her over-produced pop singles doesn’t cream my twinkie. Her funny, extravagant costumes are a good laugh but its already become second nature and completely acceptable for her to wear kermet dresses. However, while I may not like her musical style, there is no doubt in my mind that she is an amazing American singer/composer that knows her way around the piano. I may say (and keep repeating how Ke$ha really really sucks) but I have total respect for Gaga’s genuine non-autotuned vocals. She reminds me a lot of Amy Winehouse (before the drugs). Lady Gaga Future Love apparently leaked this morning and thanks to our friends at for blogging about it, I was able to give it a listen. Whether you like Gaga or not, this is definitely worth listening to.

Lady GaGa – Future Love

’Lady GaGa – Future Love.mp3′
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