Visualize a slow, creepy start, like walking down the dark hall in a horror movie. Enter Li’s sultry voice, almost whispering in your ear. She sings, “So I didn’t kiss you like I should. Didn’t grace you like I meant.” and seems to beg the listener to lean in a bit closer and please just hear what she has to say.

“Paris Blue” is a scary, sad waltz that really shows off Li’s incredible and unique voice (almost Feist-y, but finer). Lykke Li‘s apology letter to the city she once loved shows a sensitivity that was completely absent in the accompanying single “Get Some”.

Both songs should be listened to in tandem to get the full scope of Li’s personality. “Get Some” makes me think she is nasssty, while “Paris Blue” just makes me feel sorry for her.

Though Li flicks on the light during the chorus, the spookiness of the instrumentals is tough to escape–I swear I can almost hear creaking stairs in the final seconds of the song…

Lykke Li – Get Some

’Lykke Li – Get Some’

Lykke Li – Paris Blue

’Lykke Li – Paris Blue’
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