Marian Hill

It’s Friday, which means I’m on the hunt for the perfect tunes to carry me through the rest of my work week, inevitably leading me into a few days of uninhibited bliss. Since I’m pretty sure you’re doing the same, I thought you might want to take a gander at this new tune from Marian Hill.

Dropping less than a day ago, this gorgeous, energizing, and highly addictive tune from Jeremy Lloyd (production/songwriting) and Samantha Gongol (vocals/songwriting) will leave you with that perfectly unencumbered feeling you’re looking for right now. Half piano ballad, half bass-heavy dance jam, the combination begs to soar out your open car windows. Go ahead and stick your hand out towards your side mirror and let it ride along to the percussion style vocal samples. They’re playfully pitched up and down to perfection, creating one hell of an addition to the already groovy beat. If anyone catches you in the midst of a car boogie session, they’ll only be jealous because you’re onto this tune before them.

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