Era Extraña is going to be a masterpiece—or at least that is what I have been able to conclude from the tracks released so far from Neon Indian’s new album. Last week we were given the drone-synth heavy “Fallout” and this week Alan Palomo has blessed NPR’s All Songs Considered with another track off the new album; “Polish Girl.”

It’s rare that you come across a track as nearly as polished as “Polish Girl.” The synths are syncopated and skillfully arranged to the point of perfection. It’s an absolutely gorgeous piece of synth-pop/chillwave that seems to do everything right. There’s a reason why Neon Indian is respected and held as the frontrunner for his genre, and it is tracks like this one.

Era Extraña is being released by Mom + Pop Records on September 13th.

Neon Indian – Polish Girl

’Polish Girl’
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