Many people do not have the “luxury” to listen to music all day like we do (which is probably a good thing! lol). We visit a lot of music blogs, browse over music blog aggregators like, and Looking at the way people communicate through twitter we realized that one of the best ways to share and discover music is to retweet someone else’s twitter message. For those of you who do not use twitter, “retweeting” aka RT is basically repeating someone else’s message as our own but still giving credit to the source.aoki

Our goal is to expose you to the best songs out there, no matter if we discover it, or our music blogger friends do!

This remix by Steve Aoki got a HUGE amount of love on for the first week of December. Blogged by Disco Punk, Steve used Kid Cudi’s Pursuit of Happiness and transformed it into a much more techno sounding version adding a standard bassline and synthesize melodies. A great remix for any dj to have.

[Remix] Kid Cudi – Pursuit Of Happiness – Steve Aoki Dance Remix

’Kid Cudi – Pursuit Of Happiness – Steve Aoki Dance Remix _Intro – Dirty_.mp3′

Covered by The Pop Cop on their Live coverage of Regina Spektor @ Academy, Glasgow describing how she was able take control of the situation after an over enthusiastic fan landed a t-shirt on her face. Her responce “I’m OK. I’m glad it was a soft landing,” really demonstrate her sweet personality.

You Don’t Know Me is the name of the lead-off single from Ben Folds‘ third studio album, Way to Normal

[Pop/Alternative/Acoustic] Ben Folds – You Dont Know Me

’04 You Dont Know Me.mp3′

One of the firsts blogs to pick this song right away was our friends at jp917 thought it was really the Spanish blog No Naci en Manchester that was able to promote the higher quality album version.

hot-chipHot Chip’s new single that is dropping early 2010 shares names with the album itself. “One Life Stand is an electronic pop track with hints of electronic disco that almost turns into Caribbean music with its Calypso melodies after the first couple of verses.

[Pop/Calypso??] Hot Chip – One life stand


Soooo Fresssshhhh. First time I listened to Jurassic 5 and loved it right away. The classy lyrics, jazzy background and calm tone makes them stand out of the hip/hop genre. One Sweet Song turned me to it and now its hard to turn away.

[Hip/Hop/Jazz] Jurassic 5 – If You Only Knew



Kick in the Peanuts reported Paste Magazine‘s sit down with She & Him (Zooey & m.ward) about their second album “Volume Two” to be released during the spring of 2010 and provided their cover song of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ “I Put A Spell On You” which was released January 30, 2009.

[Cover] She and Him – I Put a Spell On You

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