Silver Swans: a dance-pop duo set to take your (and everyone else’s) ears by storm. Made up of Ann Yu and DJ/ producer Jon Waters and still unbelievably unsigned, this San Francisco pair were picked up on by My Old Kentucky Blog. Their latest track, ‘Secrets’, is a short but ever-so-sweet electro thrill that combines minimal synth with Yu’s mystical vocals to create the ultimate in emotional dance. The Number Stations remix is a sexy, fuzzed-up reworking that recalls the very best shoegaze. Silver Swans have the potential to reach stardom, and based on ‘Secrets’, it’s not going to be long before they do. ‘Secrets’ is taken from the ‘Secrets’ EP, available on iTunes.

Silver Swans – Secrets (Numbers Stations Remix)

’Silver Swans – Secrets (Number Stations Mix).mp3′

Silver Swans – Secrets

’Silver Swans – Secrets’
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