If you’re reading The Music Ninja, you should probably be no stranger to the sounds of the Ohio based indie-rock band known as The National. I don’t think I’m in the minority when I say that they are one of the finest indie-rock bands we currently have. And while a few of us are still avidly listening to their latest album, High Violet, the band recently collaborated with indie-film director Thomas McCarthy on his latest film “Win Win.” The result is yet another masterful, powerful, and elegant track from The National by the title of “Think You Can Wait.”

Between Berninger’s classic baritone, the ghostly backing vocals, and the strong arrangement, “Think You Can Wait” is purely The National. It packs a punch comparable to the band’s previous track “Sorrow,” and the band’s sound is as moving as ever.

The National – Think You Can Wait

’Think You Can Wait’
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