Well ninjas – it’s Friday, and you’ve made it through yet another week of work. You’re only moments away from cutting loose and getting down, and with that in mind, we bring you the latest installment from the LA based mashup DJ/Producer, Z-Trip.

With this remix, Z-Trip has taken the pop-collaboration “T.H.E” from will.i.am, Mick Jagger, and J Lo. The original will get playtime because of the sheer star power, but this remix deserves plenty of attention too. Z-Trip has added in some of his own synths, and given the song a much dancier tempo. But the best part is after the 2:30 mark when Z-Trip brings in the guitars from the Stone’s “Gimme Shelter”. It adds another layer of depth onto the original which makes the song that much better.

Have fun out there tonight. Don’t drink and drive.

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