Confident, playful and incredibly seductive, LightsoverLA made Delorean’s “Real Love” grow a pair with a complimentary wobbling baseline giving it enough weight to stand on its own in the clustefuck of mediocre “Chillaxing dubstep” tracks being released this day and age. It takes no skill to add some dubstep element to any track, but what sets LightsoverLA apart from the rest is his ability achieve a balance between these two worlds and ultimately create something worth having on repeat for the entire evening.

LightsoverLA is aiming to release his upcoming EP in October “covering pretty much all the styles of music [he is] currently producing.” Expect great more releases to come.

Delorean – Real Love (LightsoverLA remix)

Real Love (LightsoverLA remix).mp3′

This is probably not as funny to you as I thought it was but it was 4am in the morning and I was chatting with a music blogger friend about all the possibilities one can label this track: had to blog this track i had it on repeat all day oooo…..this is pretty nice yea its .. hypnotizing Yeah…’s all kindsa dreamy im yea .. im a huge fan for coming up with names to describe it.. this is like.. dreamstepcore chill dubstepwave dubwave chilldub lol yea hahaha childub i love it wavewave hahahaha dubdream orrrr……chilldreamdubwavestepwavepop lol dublax lol possibilities are endless

What made up genre name would you categorize it as?

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