Midas Hutch

While an unfortunate majority of the music industry’s ebb and flow is governed by strict genre guidelines, and what’s ‘hot’ at the moment; certain artists eschew a majority of outside media stimuli when formulating their sonic concept, thus making whatever they are doing a true expression of said artist’s self. And it’s those artists from which many of us find our true inspiration. Midas Hutch -who based off a brief catalog including the TMN-premiered “Try Me” is without a doubt one of those aforementioned artists- cleverly plays on a keen sense of nostalgia with his latest single, “100%”, while delivering a sound that plays equal parts heartwarming revival and contemporary freshness. A cover of Caprice’s 1985 single of the same name, Midas Hutch lays down a rolling set of electric guitar licks on top of what sounds like a gaggle of Roland 909 drum machines and some tasteful piano for a refreshing taste of the young producer. Furthermore, we haven’t heard a vocoder so seductively utilized like that since Zapp & Roger’s timeless “I Want To Be Your Man”, and if it gives you the pelvic thrusts too well… we’re not responsible.
We’ve heard rumblings of Midas Hutch’s first slate of originals being released later this Summer, and you can be sure we’ll keep you Ninjas in the loop, but until then; stream “100%” above and check out the retro visuals below.

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