Definition of Funk right here, ladies and gents! Lt Wee’s groovy hit, ‘Don’t Stop the Beat’ gets a jumpin’ rework at the infamous hands of up-and-coming Netherlands Norwegian producer, Coucheron. You may recognize the 18 year old from his recent contest-winning remix of Usher’s baby-maker, ‘Climax’, but the dude has actually been dropping quality, funk-infused productions for quite some time.

Right out of the gate, the track hooks you with a bouncy, Daft Punk-esque bass line and a flare of summer-vibe, high-energy synths. From here on in, the tune simply steam rolls its way in to pure dance-floor fire..

Best keep an eye on this fellow – he’s got big things ahead of him.

’Lt Wee – Dont Stop The Beat (Coucheron Remix)’


’Everybody Dance Now.’



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