little people

Aside from a spattering of remixes here and there, it’s been quite some time since I’ve had something from Little People to sink my teeth into. Luckily for me, and everyone else who’s familiar with him, his two full length LPs and a handful of EPs have kept his fans at bay.

That’s one of the beautiful things about Laurent Clerc. His body of work, especially Mickey Mouse Operation and We Are But Hunks of Wood, is so thoughtfully planned and crafted, that it’s allowed fans enough slack to curb their appetite. But, with a full four years since his last EP, it’s easy to say that fans across the globe will be ecstatic to add another collection into the mix, especially if he decides to release on vinyl again.

“Tonight” marks the announcement of his next full-length, Landloper, which is due out on January 11th via Future Archive recordings. While it’s dubbed as future bass on soundcloud, this tune is far from the droves of bedroom producers that ambiguously blend together. A playful vocal sample is spattered throughout, layered in with waves of intricate synths, all set to a laid back, groovy beat. It’s warm and thoughtful, but not overbearing at any given moment. In short, it’s the perfect teaser to the upcoming enveloping experience we’re about to enjoy.

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