Far Out

If you’re a fan of cinematic sounds and heavy hitting drops, then Far Out has some music for you. “Rise” is the perfect bridge between something you’d hear in a Hans Zimmer┬áscore and┬ásomething you’d dance to at an EDM festival. The duo’s name is well-deserving, as their music is definitely far out.

The song starts out slow with just a simple, ambient piano progression, but soon enough, strings and drums make their way in. During the buildup, the song starts to make a transition from classical instruments to electronic ones, and by the drop, you’re listening to a culmination of it all. Filled with vibrant synths and hard-hitting drums, the drop hurtles you into a musical euphoria. Far Out’s unique style and incredible production skills makes them a duo that should definitely be on your radar. Make sure to grab a free download, and be on the lookout for more bangers from these guys.


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