Las Vegas is all about the party lifestyle. Somewhere in the midst of all the action you can find the cool beatmaker Ghasper. We pride ourselves on finding you those special hidden gems, and Ghasper is definitely one. The Nevada producer’s latest single “Brand” has just been released through our friends Uprise Music.

For longtime fans of Ghasper, you might recognize “Brand,” as it has been re-released through Uprise. We’re glad it did, because it probably would have stayed hidden from our ears. Not only did it drop today, but it was released as a free download for fans to enjoy. The mellow future sound of “Brand” is the exact track you’ll need in your Fall playlists. When you get home from work or school, you’ll want to grab your headphones and pop them in while you space out and relax. Bask in the vibes that Ghasper delivers, and enjoy “Brand” today.

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