Storm (feat. Desiree Dawson)

If you’re looking for a great label that releases exclusively dope records, Uprise Music is one you need on your list. Several days ago, the New York imprint released a single called “Storm” that quickly has become a go-to song in the dojo that us ninjas can’t get enough of. We’re thinking you’re going to join our enthusiasm for it.

“Storm” is an original work by the Brazilian producer I.Y.F.F.E and the vocalist Desiree Dawson. Future bass is a genre that can be stale really easily, but I.Y.F.F.E breathes life into the genre with a straight jam that has incredible emotional phases, and ones with some grooving energy. Desiree’s voice graces an already delectable instrumental that put would put a lot of quality producers to shame. Grab your copy of “Storm” today through the store of your choice by heading to the song’s download page.

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