Time, Real & Imaginary

Jaron is living proof that age is just a number. For his 16th birthday (you heard me…16th birthday), this kid decided to put out a track called “Time, Real & Imaginary” and boy did it blow my mind.

With such vast instrumentation, Jaron channels back an forth between classical instruments, electronic sounds, and a singular voice. By doing this, the song manages to have two completely different sides to it. One side is soft, pretty, and calming. The female voice hums notes while a beautiful sounding piano accompanies her. Meanwhile, the other side of the song is an incredible display of heated passion. Drums practically burst out of your speakers, and the synths play with such intensity. The song is a constant battle between these two very different sides, and the product of this battle is this incredible piece of music. Although this might not be something you’d hear playing at a club or music festival, it is something you can really listen to and appreciate. It’s songs like these that remind you that music is an art.

So throw this beautiful piece of music a free download!

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