The Australian brothers Two Can follow up some major official remixes with a hot original on Warner Music. “Got Habits” shifts the brothers’ style a bit to give fans something different from this Summer jam.

Catchy melodies have always been a strong suit for Two Can and they implore that strength here, albeit with a edgy makeover. The future-influenced production is a bit harder than you’d expect, but it has all the right pieces for a beautiful musical puzzle, no matter what genre terms may be used to describe it. Overall, it’s just one killer record among many from Two Can. Get your copy today.

Got Habits started with a piano and a vocal, pop sensibilities meet everything we love about producing electronic music and we’re excited by the fact that this genre-defying song leads to new territory for us – it’s what we believe making music is all about, enjoying the freedom of artistic expression
and breaking new ground.
” – Two Can

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