White Wine ft. Mark Johns

Before you get ahead of yourselves by jumping to the play button, we highly recommend that you first crack open the finest bottle of white wine you have at home and get that bubbly buzz flowin’ after a long day at work. Trust us, when the title of a song says “White Wine”, you know that it is only best to put yourself in a similar setting so you can get the full experience.

Earlier today, Y2K dropped a new original track, “White Wine”, which features the lovely vocals of young Mark Johns – yes, a female with a badass artist name and a voice to match it. This Future Bass/Trap inspired song gives us some happy synths, an adorable piano melody, and a bassline to get you feelin’ some type of way. Y2K and Mark Johns just set a new standard for Summer with this jam so make sure to pour another glass of that white wine and grab your free download while you’re still coherent.

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