The beauty of the future movement in the electronic music game is that it’s given an avenue for the younger artists to express their creativity and be bold with the sounds they want to explore. Versatility is a quality that’s often found amongst these up-and-coming producers, and it’s something that’s on clear display in Dooqu’s newly released LoveLust EP. Though only 17 years of age, the Danish prodigy has declared his intentions to make waves in the industry and spread his special brand of happiness at the same time. With vibrant melody at the heart of each one of these creations, he utilizes his youthful freedom to dabble in a variety of different styles, making each part of this production a fresh experience from the last. To add to all of this, he even layers a few tracks with his own vocals to really solidify the all-round skill set on show.

If you’re as impressed as we are, the LoveLust EP is available for purchase now.

’Dooqu – IDC’
’Dooqu – Made Of Water’
’Dooqu – Cup Of Tea’
’Dooqu – Remedy’
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