Future Generations

We made it, ninjas. The weekend’s beaming smile is welcoming us into her warm embrace, letting us know that it will all be ok for the next two days. Per usual, I’m on the hunt for the perfect tunes to throw into our weekend playlists, and “Stars” has officially cemented itself into my personal rotation. Beyond that, it has also worked it’s way into my summer playlist, adding to my growing collection of warm-weather tunes.

If you’re not hip to this New York-based five-piece, now’s about time you do so. Future Generations is comprised of five members, one of which has a wicked name (we’re talking about you DJ Midi Mike Slamsevere), and have been making tunes together for the past five years. This year brings a new chapter in their budding, young careers, having inked a deal with Frenchkiss Records last summer. The product? You’re hearing a taste of it right now, with the rest following later this summer.

“Stars” radiates with an irresistible aura, much like your favorite childhood snack beckoning you from behind the cupboard door, demanding your attention as you delved into Nickelodeon’s after-school lineup. I was always a sucker for Doug and some Dunkaroos, but I digress. Lead by a shimmering piano melody, soft claps, and thunderous percussion, it immediately incites the need to shake your hips. Ultimately, though, you fall in love when you hear the culmination of instrumentals and vocals, leaving you with a toothy, ear-to-ear grin.

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