Loud Luxury
Drinking About You (Loud Luxury Remix)

We’ve all been through heartbreak before. It’s a sensation so much deeper than any other that swallows us up in a dark pit of misery. Though usually only temporary, it still remains one of the most feared experiences, as we succumb to our sadness and allow it to take over our lives. To cope with it, we desperately seek comfort in almost anything. What is one of those common ways? Drinking of course. Drinking to become numb to that ungodly pain. Another common method is listening to songs about break ups or missing someone while bawling our eyes out, punching walls, or shoving pints of Ben & Jerry’s down our throats.

Bebe Rexha’s broken-hearted tune, “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You,” incorporates the idea of drinking to forget into a song written about attempts to move on from a failed romance, but only finding that moving on is nearly impossible. But as relatable as this song is, sometimes bleak lyrics are not the best method for coping with heartbreak. Instead, joyful and poppy music may serve as a better way to pick ourselves up. That’s where Loud Luxury steps in. They transform the melancholy track into one that listeners will inevitably find themselves dancing to. The original vocals lose their feminine quality and take on a deeper, but less dramatic tone, which allows us to listen to it without feeling so emotional. Though the pained lyrics remain intact, the pain is masked by a fuego beat that invigorates you in such a way that you’ll forget about that old lover and move onto the next person you see on the dance floor.

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