Lido & Canblaster
Rush Hour

Lido and Canblaster, both pioneer’s in their own right, are teaming up for an EP due out in a couple weeks and, earlier today, blessed fans with the first single. “Rush Hour” plays out like an escalating back and forth between the two as their styles both shine all the while intertwining seemlessly. The opening of the song finds a balance between Lido’s knack for piano-led, grandiose openings and Canblaster’s frantic percussion before dropping into a banging, chime-layered trap beat that brings to mind Canblaster’s work as part of Club Cheval. The two young artists’ sounds collide for a manic climax before falling back into a beautiful, signature piano solo from Lido. Superspeed drops on April 6th and promises to be a delightfully unpredictable and forward-thinking project. Pre-order here.

P.S. If you’re a big fan of Lido, make sure to check out our pictures from his phenomenal debut performance in SF here.

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