Matt DiMona
red wine on your lips from the corner store…

With a slew of popular remixes under his belt already, Matt DiMona has kept himself busy while at USC. As the creator of several tracks totaling over 5 million plays, it goes without saying that DiMona is popular with more than just his peers on campus. Emboldened by the success of remakes like “90210” and “Devil And the Deep Blue Sea”, DiMona released his first original work last October. The sultry “I Just Want You” as it was titled, was merely a taste of what was to come from the young producer.

Following an encouraging illustration of his original production skills, DiMona has released an electrifying 5-track EP titled Up All Night. Although the entire project is worth a listen, the standout track of the bunch is “Touch.”

In a catchy lo-fi melody, DiMona crafts “a song about staying in”. The real success of Up All Night – and “Touch” specifically – is how the aesthetic reaction to the music is syntonic to the imagery DiMona conveys. In painting a picture of a day spent on the SoCal coast, “Touch” masterfully brings home the slowly unwinding scene painted by the lyrics.

Fans seeking a more comprehensive experience with Up All Night can download the EP for free over on Toneden. With no tour dates listed as of yet, fans can also stay up to date with Matt DiMona and relive Up All Night on Spotify and iTunes.

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