SevnthWonder x A Sol Mechanic x TokyoMegaplex
What's To Come

Longest track title, possibly ever? Maybe. Don’t let that even fool you though. SevnthWonder has been on our radar for a while, along with CREAM COLLECTIVE, but through him we discovered A Sol Mechanic and TokyoMegaplex. After listening to this, we really recommend you check out all of their other work. We imagine working on a triple collaboration could become a bit hectic, but you hear no signs of that in “What’s To Come”.

This headnodic track will have your spirits uplifted, and the rhythm will cause your body to sway. The variety these three bring to the table on this track is unreal. We can’t really think of many songs that combine congos, seductive vocals, and disco vibes all in one. All around, this blissful track is amazing, and is the perfect tune to wind down to with the end of summer approaching.

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