Flames of a Phoenix

UK producer XO made waves last year with his debut EP, Through the Night, a three-song project full of forward-thinking, R&B-influenced jams. His sophomore project, The Ethereal Experience, is dropping this summer and, earlier this week, he let loose the first single. “Flames of a Phoenix” was just what we’d hoped from XO as he takes the mic contributing gorgeous vocals that draw the listener in before introducing an irresistible bounce. After building a steady dance groove through out, the track recesses into an atmospheric outro. If you’re not yet familiar, “Flames of a Phoenix” proves the ideal introduction to XO’s soulful, yet upbeat, electronic aesthetic. The Ethereal Experience, which drops on July 20th on He Loves You Not Recordings, is available for pre-order on iTunes here, which comes with immediate download of the track “Somethin’ About You.”

P.S. If you like what you hear, get to know XO a bit better in our exclusive interview from last year.

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