Britain-based producer Sophie is demanding our attention, and we’re giving it to her–or maybe him. We’re not entirely sure of Sophie’s identity because the elusive artist is determined to remain low-key for the time being. Despite the anonymity, Sophie’s small selection of releases are highly captivating due to their unique and groundbreaking orchestration.

Sophie’s latest track, “Hard,” is an intricately engineered track that fuses futuristic beats with rigid trap elements. Adorned by bubblegum pop vocals, “Hard” encompasses a melodic musical style similar to that of Glasgow producers, Rustie and Hudson Mohawke. “Hard” is eponymous, in that it is a track that harmoniously marries grit with glitter, resulting in a colorful outcome and is undoubtedly mind-melting.

“Hard” is available now via Numbers with the producer’s previous single, “Lemonade,” for virtual and vinyl releases.

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