Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (IckyBob Bootleg)

Who needs a little Tame Impala to make us feel like we only go backwards? Sounds like you ninjas need a daily dose of some hipster heroin – you know, the kind that makes you pull out your high-waisted shorts, a rugged Pink Floyd crop top, and a floral headband to make you that much more basic. Before you go and start your countdown to Coachella, we must prepare you for easily one of the illest bootlegs we’ve heard of Tame Impala’s winning song, “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”. Located somewhere in the US is the internet’s next winning sensation, IckyBob. The young producer took this oh so charming original song and sent it through a massive vortex full of heavy-ass 808’s, a flawless build, and a breakdown that will shoot you to the moon and back. We’re not saying that this wins, but it wins. That fact that this only has 254 plays in a month blows us away…guess IckyBob is about to have a great day because all of you are about to experience this kids magic.

On. Repeat. Forever.

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