Vanic X K.Flay
Can't Sleep

Here at TMN, we want to provide our ninjas with only the best of the best. In order to do this, we have to sit down and sift through tons and tons of submissions until we come across those that leave us with goosebumps. As writers, we tend to form relationships with the artists that stick out to us and continue to amaze us over time with their work.

Most recently we were accosted with a track, “Can’t Sleep,” by familiar names Vanic and Kay.Flay. After a single listen, we knew the track had “irresistible” written all over it. Maintaining a similar sound as his prior release, “Circles,” Vanic once again conquers his rejuvenating trap sound, which is fitted ideally with the combination of sultriness and raspiness of K.Flay’s voice.

From his past two releases, it is clear that Vanic is raising his own standards. We can only now predict even better things to come from the Vancouver producer as his sound seems to evolve by the minute.

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