There is no denying that trap music is exploding as a new genre of EDM. With new tracks emerging from some of the biggest names in EDM on a daily basis, trap has easily become one of the most saturated genres in electronic music. That being said, simply throwing down some heavy 808’s with the sample “Real Trap Shit” isn’t enough to gain any clout for producing the trap music that will indeed shape and cultivate this growing genre.

Tigran Mimosa AKA MiMOSA has earned his reputation for his heavy dubstep tunes and remixes. However, over the past few months MiMOSA’s style has shifted highlighting his true versatility as a producer and demonstrating his desire to explore alternate genres across EDM. His newest remix of JMSN’s track “Girl (I used to know)” was classified by Tigran himself as “Future Trill”. Future trill incorporates many of the aspects of trap  with the addition of futuristic synths and deep basslines, which resound beautifully behind the seductive R&B vocals of JMSN. Future trill may at this point in time simply be a made-up classification of music but I believe MiMOSA’s production suggests brilliant ideas for how trap music could potentially evolve and dominate the EDM scene.

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’JMSN – Girl (I Used To Know) (MiMOSA Remix)’
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