Sexytime is one of the most original new collaborations in the vast realm of bass music. When west coast savant Mimosa came together with Brooklyn producer Sleepyhead they knew they wanted to go for a whole new sound. Forgoing the typical aggressive, harsh synths of their counterparts these two decided to take the high road with this one. In a very nice experimental, chilled out take on “sexy bass music”, Sexytime has created a unique statement with their debut Naked Poetry EP. The new sound these guys are pioneering simultaneously chills out the brain while moving the feet into a frenzy. You can listen to their album below or pick it up on iTunes here.

Tracks such as “Sour Grapes” and “You Can’t Hide” are great examples of the new juke or “trill” style most commonly heard in their live show. Their NYC show at underground artsy club W.I.P. (Work In Progress) was filled with high energy tracks like these and packed with beautiful people on all sides. All the while Sexytime kept their swagger gangster on the decks, head bobbing and setting the party on fire. Be sure to keep up with this talented duo to catch their live show because it is not to be missed! You can get a taste for their style with the video for “Lost In Translation” below as premiered on Jay-Z’s Life + Times site. Keep it sexy!

’Sexytime – Lost In Translation’
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