Alicia Keys
You Dont Know My Name (SMLE Remix)

Miami is known as a hub for house music. It’s also the home of SMLE, an act who recently brought some solid sounds to “You Don’t Know My Name.” SMLE’s future style is presented with a coat of some indie dance vibes in this Music Ninja premiere.

SMLE brought the 2005 Grammy award winning record into the now for one of the freshest remixes of the year. A chilled out composition sends calming tones through the ear for the mind to absorb and bask in. Even though it’s festival season, there’s a need for tracks that are a little more on the cool side, and this remix is one that is going to be at the top of the pile. SMLE delivers the goods again, but is that really surprising? With Soundcloud already stocked with numerous epic flips by SMLE, we already know and love what SMLE has to offer.

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