Ever since the release of “lets get breakfast” in early 2015, TMN has kept a very close eye on each of the releases by mysterious producer/songwriter POOLS. The up-and-coming faceless musician is back from a 3-month hiatus to bring us the latest smooth cut from his ever-expanding catalog. Within the first 30 seconds of “blue”, it is apparent that POOLS has been hard at work growing his unique sound since “Summer Sunday”.

Similar to James Blake or Jamie XX in his ability to create a trance-like soundscape with his music, our only gripe is that the individual pieces are a bit too succinct. Blazing a path down the minimalistic electronic trail, POOLS has a knack for encapsulating and mesmerizing listeners.

While I eagerly await a tour date from POOLS here in the Bay Area, we will continue watching for new releases (and perhaps a reveal) on his SoundCloud.

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