Odd Future

“Odd Future” is the latest original track from the Toronto vocalist JAHKOY. Produced by WondaGurl and Nova, this soulful R&B meets future concoction is the wind-down song you need to ease into the weekend. It has that Drake-esque vibe, a sort of mixture of sing-song and rap on top of an airy downtempo beat. For such a minimal production, it actually flows quite lively, and picks up at the end with a more upbeat percussion sequence that really concludes the track decorously.

JAHKOY has been continuously establishing as an act that can make it to the top. The artistry and vision are there, it’s just a matter of time before a ton of people start jumping ship to the JAHKOY ride. UMG Recordings released “Odd Future,” which means that it is up on iTunes for purchase. We got a copy, and we suggest you do too. Lastly, as stated on the artist’s Twitter, we can expect something soon by the name “TEMPTATIONS.” Be on the lookout!

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