SoySauce x lil aaron

After raising 15,000 meals for the Los Angeles Food Bank, SoySauce is back with another record. “BOUT TIME” is a collaboration with vocal artist lil aaron to celebrate the success of the charitable Lunch Money EP. This future meets hip-hop record is silky smooth. lil aaron’s acclaimed song writing shines through the magnetic production by SoySauce.

“BOUT TIME” is one of those underground releases that could very well bubble its way up to the top, garnering radio success on top of an already strong internet campaign. Fans of someone like Drake or Post Malone are going to be in love with this song, as it rivals their sounds without pigeon-holing itself into their styles. SoySauce hasn’t released any digital store or download info around this track, so it has us wondering if there’s another EP on the horizon. If there is, stay tuned, as it’s sure to be something special.

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