John Newman
Losing Sleep (TÂCHES Remix)

Oh boy, did TÂCHES‘ new remix of Brit-Popper John Newman‘s “Losing Sleep” (which is most likely what we will be doing while letting it soundtrack our weekend) inject some serious jack into our step this morning. While we may have missed the proverbial boat as TÂCHES’ rework actually surfaced a few weeks back, it was to safe to say that this one absolutely deserved to live amongst the pages of TMN. John Newman’s towering vocals get nicely wrapped in a vintage garage paradise that exercises shuffling hi-hats, prominent claps and a vaulting synth which pulls its listener right along until the final bars. It’s become increasingly rare for remix artists to hit the nail on the head and find that perfect vocal sample to reflect not only a producer’s musicality, but sense of style as well; which is probably why this one resonated so strongly with us. For our dance fans who at peak hour prefer to eschew the 20,000 person big-room EDM stages in favor of a sweaty 2 a.m. club floor packed with heads dancing along to an artist who’s catalog they are entirely aware of, and not violently fist-pumping the night away, there is absolutely no way TÂCHES’ remix of “Losing Sleep” should escape your grasp. Stream and download the remix above.

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