Marvin VIP

There’s something about some crisp U.K. jack and a scooting hi-hat that has been drawing our attention in lately, especially as the U.K. garage sound has seen a recent resurgence of sorts behind the success of Disclosure, Kidnap Kid and loads more, spurring on all types of new talent to dip their toes into the once forgotten dance niche. Another artist duo to rotate into our in-house playlist is London via Leeds house producers Wayward, who dropped us the line on their latest single “Marvin VIP”, which is slated for a December 2 official release on Aesop. The five-minute housey jaunt reinforces everything we loved about garage at its heyday, the four to the floor kick with accented 2’s and 4’s, overeager deep synth play and distinct kick-clap pattern, but is as refined as any piece of commercial dance music along with a choice vocal sample to boot. We’ve loved seeing these sounds make their way stateside in heaping amounts, and thought you Ninjas deserved to hear one of our absolute favorite cuts at the moment. Stream Wayward’s “Marvin VIP” above.

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